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Posted on 01.29.13
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  • Posted on 01.29.13

Frankie Muse Freeman, January 28, 2013:

I want to make a confession, I am 96. First of all, I don't know how involved everyone is, but he has been a great mayor. How many times have I voted for him? Well, I guess not more than the times he's run.

One of the things I want to say about you is I look at this audience, you know, we need to recognize the power of women. To me, we women represent a unionization of power, which means we have to use it to get a great mayor elected for the fourth time. You and me have to get out, not just us folk, but you got to get everybody in your family, everybody in your neighborhood, and you have to vote because what he has done for the City of Saint Louis depends solely on his commitment and dedication and the fact that he has at least been able to at least deal with the people who didn't want some of the things that we needed to be done. You all support the mayor, or you wouldn't be here, I hope.

But I think he needs to be recognized for the fact that while we believe and we support him, us alone cannot do it, so we have got a job to do. I am not sure he needs any money, but if he would accept a check from me, I can get it. We should always put our money where our mouth is, so I support Mayor, because of his commitment, his dedication, and his vision for the City of Saint Louis, and I know you do. I also want to thank him especially for the fact that he has recognized, that somebody has recognized, the power of women, and I am just delighted that we have Sisters for Slay.

Now, let's get to work.