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Posted on 11.07.07
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  • Posted on 11.07.07

From the most recent Forbes list of “Most Affordable Places To Live Well”:

Our rankings incorporate a variety of metrics. First, we looked at housing affordability in the country’s 50 largest metros. We tracked this using the National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Opportunity Index, which measures how much of the local housing stock is affordable to the median income earner at present mortgage rates.

Next was a cost of living index developed by The Council on Community and Economic Research, a northern Virginia-based research firm. It looks at how much residents of each city spend on goods such as energy, clothing and a half-gallon of milk. To determine quality of life, we used a Forbes index based on 2006 Census figures that measures strength of schools, quality of health care, crime and poverty rates.

Finally, because we all need something to do, we used data from Sperling’s Best Places that identifies the country’s best arts and leisure destinations, measuring a wide range of entertainment options from music venues and museums to professional sports teams and miles of shoreline. Sperling’s ranks each city on each category relative to the others and then determines an overall ranking.

Ranked Number 4? St. Louis - behind Minneapolis, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati. Here’s the link for now.