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Posted on 09.21.11
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  • Posted on 09.21.11

From the home office:

The City of St. Louis, through the Department of Human Services, announced today that it will be increasing efforts to relocate all of the homeless people remaining in the riverfront encampments.

"While no specific deadline for vacating the encampment areas has been set, for health and safety reasons it is imperative that we help people move out of this area before the onset of freezing temperatures," said Bill Siedhoff, Director of Human Services. "Given that, we expect people to be relocated by December 1st."

After the start of construction on the Tucker Tunnel, about 75 people populated three encampment areas on the north riverfront. Through the City's relocation efforts, the encampment population has dropped to about 50 people. The Department of Human Services will be conducting a final census beginning Wednesday, September 21st through Friday, September 23rd. That effort will survey and interview residents living in the homeless encampments.

Beginning October 1st, a mobile unit will be situated in the encampment area for the purpose of working directly with residents in securing alternative housing.

The City of St. Louis has continually offered to help relocate those residing in the encampments. That help is still available. Those wishing to get immediate assistance can contact the City's Homeless Services Division at (314) 657-1704 or visit the office, located at 1520 Market St., Room 4062.