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Posted on 10.21.10
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  • Posted on 10.21.10

From the Home Office:

The City of St. Louis will receive about $696,000 of a $4.6 million federal planning grant awarded to the East-West Gateway Council of Governments as part of HUD's $100 million Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant Program.

The City will be involved in and anticipates benefiting by all aspects of the grant. The funds allocated to the City will be used to pay for a Senior Planner and part of the Sustainability Director's salary, as well as fund a transit-oriented develop analysis, a transit-orientated development economic development plan, and a traffic flow evaluation. This grant program is part of a growing recognition that citizens and urban leaders need to understand how rising fuel prices, a struggling economy, an unstable housing market, and concern over climate change combine to affect the quality of life in their counties, cities, and communities.

The four core members of this grant program are East-West Gateway Council of Governments, the City of St. Louis, St. Louis County, and Focus St. Louis. Other consortium members include Trailnet, Citizens for Modern Transit, Metro, Great Rivers Greenway, Metro St. Louis Equal Housing Opportunity Council, Southwestern Illinois Resource Conservation and Development, and the Applied Research Collaborative.