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Posted on 09.11.11
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  • Posted on 09.11.11

Mayor Slay made these remarks on Art Hill, 9/11.

First Responders, survivors of the tragedy and destruction of nine-eleven, friends:

It is my honor as mayor to bring you the gratitude and best wishes of the people of St. Louis on this day of remembrance and renewal.

The passage of ten years has not dimmed - cannot dim - the awful images of that morning in New York, in Pennsylvania, in Virginia.

We will never - can never - forget the loss of nearly three thousand innocent lives.

We will always be inspired by the bravery of the men and women who responded to the alarms sounded in their duty stations.

So, we set aside this time each year to ask how well we have used the days of freedom those who died, and those who survived, earned for us.

Did we stay true to who we are as Americans? How strongly did we defend the rights and freedoms that tyrants and terrorists sought to erode? How much closer together did we grow as a country, as a city, celebrating diversity and banishing intolerance?

Those things, and not just our words on this memorial day, are the real measures of our reaction to the many tragedies of nine-eleven. This is how we best honor their sacrifices: by preserving and protecting the American values that their murderers attacked.

May God bless you and your families.