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Posted on 07.20.07
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  • Posted on 07.20.07

Maybe you already knew this? MayorSlay.com did not.

According to today’s Jakarta Post (no relation our Post), a delegation from the St. Louis Sister Cities Committee is in Bogor, Indonesia, right now "strengthening ties" between the two cities. Bogor's mayor is quoted saying that the visiting St. Louisans are meeting with Bogor's education and economic development officials.

Wikipedia (our favorite source when Ed Rhode is on vacation) says that Bogor is a city of 800,000 in West Java. It is surrounded by a larger suburban area, which has a different government. Bogor was a capital of Indonesia during both British and Dutch rule. Its residents speak Sundanese and Indonesian. It rains a lot there.

Apparently, Bogor has been a sister city of St. Louis since 2004.